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Aug 24, 2017

Once again, the 2nd HS Summer Camp was a success!!!

Once again, the 2nd HS Summer Camp was a success!!!

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The 2nd Cybersecurity High School Summer camp was held the past July 3 to July 14 at the Computer Science department of the University of Puerto Rico.

2do camp 2017

We had two full classrooms for a total of 46 HS students participating from public and private schools of Puerto Rico and from different corners of the island.

Last year the students were split in two groups: girls and boys.  This year because of evaluation recommendations, but mostly forced by logistics because of the decrease in participation of girls, the group was split into two mixed groups.  

The two weeks were pretty intense.  We added CTF like exercises to be performed every day of the camp to make sure all the students were working and learning the materials.

The last day of the summer camp consisted of a three-hour capture the flag competition which the students really enjoyed and an exit ceremony with certificates of participation.  The results of the capture the flag were really encouraging since all the teams did well.  


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